Energy, Fuel and Mining Supplies can supply your mining business with specialty chemical cleaning and dust suppression products for the mining and energy/fuel industry. All products from EFM will be registered with Chem-Alert and the Mine Registry and are available directly from EFM.

Technical Support is available from EFM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact Geoff Hall on 0499 555 222 or email on

What is Code Green?
The colour rating system is provided by ChemAlert to identify potential chemical hazards. A Green colour rating represents a LOW HAZARD with normal use. Our products registered in the mining registry have been coded GREEN and are safe to use within normal use.
All EFM Products are ChemAlert approved and registered on the mining chemical registry.
Mining Cleaning Products
EFM H2S Eliminator (ChemAlert Approved – Code Green) – New Product
A major world breakthrough in H2S gas reduction technology, EFM H2S Eliminator is a trialled and proven product used to reduce H2S gas in coal mining environments. This product is a non hazardous compound that can neutralise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas completely during the production of coal. This product is very cost effective and is totally safe.

Viral Infection Surface Cleaner – New Product
Viral Infection Surface Cleaner is a quality product that has select raw materials that may help eradicate coronavirus/herpes simplex pathogens from surfaces only. This product may act as a broad spectrum anti-bacterial cleaner for dangerous pathogens and is very effective and economical to use. This product is non-DG with a neutral pH of 7.

EFM Underground Waterline Conditioner – New Product
EFM Underground Waterline Conditioner is a highly concentrated compound of inhibitors to stop corrosion and prevent scale formation in underground mining waterlines.

EFM PAC – New Product
This liquid coagulant/deflocculant product disperses heavy clouding and silt in dam and clarifies water within 24 hours with the correct dose rate and can be economical for your company by helping reduce chlorine usage by up to 50%.

EFM Halledge Truck Wash (Code Green and ChemAlert Approved) – New Product
EFM Halledge Truck Wash is an exceptional solvent based detergent. This detergent has a neutral pH, it removes mining soils, greases and oils. Product is applied through use of high pressure water cleaning unit or foaming equipment. Apply manually where possible. Rinse down with fresh potable water.

Sensational inhibited powdered detergent. Removes grease/oils and is safe on alloy and steel surfaces. Does not attack paint.

A Testimonial For Taipan Traders Tranzclenz

“To Anyone of Interest,
I, Adam Broanda, of Adams Automatics, manufacturer of ABRO Hot Jet Parts Washers have recently trialed “Tranzclenz” and have found it to be an excellent chemical for use in hot wash machines.”

Adam Broanda
Adams Automatic Transmission Services

3A, 47 Caloundra Rd
Caloundra QLD 4551
Ph: (07) 5491 8838
EFM proudly supply Aus Minecraft mining detergents and degreasers approved by ChemAlert. We recommend Aus Minecraft vehicles and equipment for all mining operations. For more information, Contact Paul Harrison on +61 (0)416 117 150. Visit the Aus Minecraft Website
Econo Mining Degreaser (Code Green) – New Product Econo Mining Degreaser is a very economical and unique mining soil degreaser. It shifts, grease, oil, black jack and mining soils rapidly for the mining industry. Econo Mining Degreaser’s unique formulation is cost effective. Can be used with high pressure water blaster or used manually.

EFM Dragline Ultra Plus – New Product
This extra heavy duty cleaning compound that will remove heavy oils, greases, and mining soils from drag lines safely.

A Testimonial For EFM Dragline Ultra Plus

“To Whom it May Concern,
I am just writing to advise that Tincone have used the following product from EFM Supplies.
The product is EFM Dragline Ultra Plus cleaning agent. This is used for the cleaning of grease, oil and black jack from the dragline machinery, for inspection, refurbishment and replacement. Giving a better clean than other products.
The product worked very well for our team on site and all were impressed with how EFM Dragline Ultra Plus had worked.
Pricing was good, compared to other products. We will be using this product again!

Tincone Industrial Service
EFM Dragline Ultra – New Product
This detergent is an exceptional cleaning compound that will remove heavy oils, greases, and mining soils from drag lines safely.

Mining Coal Dust Suppressant – Concentrate (Code Green)
Quality liquid compound, quick knockdown of coal and associated dust.

Blockbuster (Underground) Ultra – New Product
A multi-function compound available in liquid form or compressed tablets. Blockbuster removes calcium and hard water oxides from internal sections of pipework and water lines in continuous miners. For underground usage only.

Taipan Hands
Excellent Polygel grit hand cleaner contains no hydrocarbon. Removes grease and oil and is safe on hands. Specifically designed for the mining industry.

Blockbuster (Above Ground) – New Product
A multi-function compound available in liquid form. Blockbuster removes calcium and hard water oxides from internal sections of pipework. For above ground usage only.

Mine Scrubber Detergent/Inhibited – TABLET FORM *
Slow release alkaline tablet. Removes soot, grease and oils from exhaust systems and internal cleaning units.

* Distributed through ADPS (Australian Diesel Particulate Services Pty Ltd) – Mobile: 0408 957 366

Biodegradable quick break neutral pH7 detergent. Removes heavy grease and oils, mining soils from all mining equipment. Excellent laundry detergent. Manual parts degreaser. Excellent grease and oil remover for mining cleaning pads.

Soak Process 1 & 2 (Code Green) *Updated Formula*
Ideal for workshop ultrasonic cleaning of alloy and metal components. This quality product will remove carbon, paint residual and oils and will not attack alloy or metal components. Application is via soak process. * Soak Process has been upgraded with a new formula that removes tenacious paints more rapidly.

Alloy/Metal Inhibitor Rinse
Quality liquid combination of inhibitors to control and eliminate rust and scale on alloy and metal surfaces. Is suitable for spray or soak applications. All equipment sprayed should be kept under shelter to reduce further rusting.

Vanilla Disinfectant – New Product
Very effective disinfectant cleaner with acceptable vanilla fragrance, used in mining camp amenities.

D/Scale Anti-Bac – New Product
D/Scale Anti-Bac is a combination of acids and anti-bacterial agents used to help remove dangerous cross infections, slime, algae, sludge and scaling problems within water lines. Use at a low dose rate.

Miners Body/Skin Wash
A safe pH full body and hair wash specifically designed for the mining industry to remove stubborn greases, dirt and oils.

Mining Camp Cleaning and Sanitation Products
Taipan Hands
Well balanced hand cleaner, contains no hydrocarbons. Removes heavy grease and oils safely from hands. This product is free rinsing.

Miners – Toilet Cleaner
Acidic based detergent, used for urinals and toilet bowls. Removals residual and eliminates offensive mal-odours. Brush method. Free rinsing.

Miners – Amenities Cleaner
Effective detergent and disinfectant. Eliminates bacteria and soil residual from amenities blocks.

Miners – Shower Recess Klenzer
Highly concentrated, chlorinated detergent. Removes body fat and stops cross infection of bacterial from shower recesses. Free rinsing.

Miners Laundry Detergent
Highly concentrated, powdered laundry detergent. Low dose rate, removes the heaviest soils from overalls and general linen. May be used in cold water.

Dishwasher Plus
A low foam alkaline automatic dishwashing detergent (liquid) Low dose rate. Removes and sanitises cutlery, plates, cups and cooking utensils. Temperature should be 60-65 degrees Celsius. Rinse water should be 82-88 degrees Celsius. Ideal for commercial and industrial dishwashers.

Oven Cleaner
A heavy duty, alkaline detergent for ovens, hotplates and BBQ’s. Removes grease, oil, carbon. Doesn’t contain caustic, free rinsing. Manual product.

Auto Dishwasher Powder
A concentrated, chlorinated low foam powder for dishwashers. Low dose rate. Removes and sanitises cutlery, plates, cups and cooking utensils. Operating temperature should be 60-65 degrees Celsius. Rinse water should be 82-88 degrees Celsius. Ideal for commercial and industrial dishwashers.

Kitchen Degreaser
Liquid solvent alkaline based detergent. Degreases kitchen equipment and floors. Free rinsing.

Kitchen Disinfectant
Effective, quat-based disinfectant. Soak method for sanitising cutlery, plates, cups and cooking utensils. Must be rinsed off in fresh water.

Hands Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner
A great hand cleaner that counteracts cross infections of bacteria and pathogens on hands.

Mining Sink Detergent
Quality low PH sink detergent. Manual use for sink purposes. Free rinses, environmentally friendly.

No Volume too Big or Small
We can provide our products in various pack sizes including: 20L, 200L, 1000L IBC and bulk tankers.
Where to get EFM Products
If you would like more information about our products, they are available directly through EFM

For more information contact:
Geoff Hall
EFM Supplies
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EFM promotes Safety within your workplace
EFM supplies can supply your workplace with a declaration of chemical compounds. PDS and MSDS data sheets are also available. EFM can also supply laminated Hazchem and Safety directional charts.
Last Updated: 20 March 2020