Director Geoff Hall of EFM cares about the health and safety of our customers by only using high quality raw materials to build reliable outstanding products that have great value for money. Our customers come first!
Viral Infection Surface Cleaner is a quality product that has select raw materials that may help eradicate coronavirus/herpes simplex pathogens from surfaces only. This product may act as a broad spectrum anti-bacterial cleaner for dangerous pathogens and is very effective and economical to use. This product is non-DG with a neutral pH of 7.

Volumes available in 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L.

Available for use now in all industries such as mining, railways, public transport, playgrounds, councils, airports, schools, hospitals and offices.

Contact Geoff Hall on 0499 555 222 for more information.
EFM Supplies is an Australian mining chemical producer and distributor of state-of-the-art cleaning solutions. EFM’s product range include powerful degreasers, truck and machinery cleaning products as well as quality concentrated de-rusting and anti-corrosive products ideal for mining industry applications. View EFM Supplies select range of mining chemical products.

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All EFM Products are ChemAlert approved and registered on the mining chemical registry.
  • EFM H2S Eliminator
    EFM H2S Eliminator® (Chemalert Approved – Code Green)
    A major world breakthrough in H2S gas reduction technology, EFM H2S Eliminator® is a trialled and proven product used to reduce H2S gas in coal mining environments. This product is a non hazardous compound that can neutralise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas completely during the production of coal. This product is very cost effective and is totally safe. Click here for more information on EFM H2S Eliminator®.
  • Dragline Cleaner Dragline Utlra
    EFM Mining Maintenance Cleaner (Chemalert Registered)
    EFM Mining Maintenance Cleaner is a versatile water-based degreaser with multiple applications that is efficient and economical and guaranteed to save needed money. This product will rapidly remove grease, oils, blackjack from all mining equipment. May be used on cleaning pads, workshops, lunch rooms and amenities.
  • Dragline Cleaner Dragline Ultra Plus
    Dragline Ultra Plus
    This compound is a state of the art cleaning product for excessive soiling on draglines and will remove blackjack, greases, oils and coal dust sediment rapidly.
  • Mining Chemical Suppliers
    Mining Emulsine Degreaser
    Made up of a combination of selected hydrocarbons and surfactants, Mining Emulsine Degreaser is a quality solvent degreaser that will remove black jack, heavy grease, oils and mining soils rapidly from mining equipment. Apply manually or through a high pressure water blaster system. Should not be applied to hot metal surfaces.
  • Mining Chemical Suppliers - Coal Dust Suppressant
    Mining Coal Dust Suppressant (ChemAlert Approved – Code Green)
    This unique coal dust suppressant is approved by ChemAlert, has a neutral pH and is non flammable and very economical. Specifically designed to knock down coal dust particulates, which causes black lung. This product is a combination of a several high quality surfactants, that binds the coal dust together and stops air born problems. Used specifically on coal trains, carriages and mining coal roads. Can be used in spray systems.
  • EFM PAC dam water deflocculant
    This liquid coagulant/deflocculant product disperses heavy clouding and silt in dam and clarifies water within 24 hours with the correct dose rate and can be economical for your company by helping reduce chlorine usage by up to 50%.
  • Powerful Degreaser for Mining Industry
    Econo Mining Degreaser (Code Green – Safe Neutral pH)
    Heavy duty water based multipurpose degreaser. Is suitable for manual or spray system applications and is ideally suited for use in mining workshops.
  • Powerful Degreaser for Mining Industry
    EFM Halledge Truck Wash (Code Green / ChemAlert Approved)
    EFM Halledge Truck Wash is an exceptional solvent based detergent. This detergent has a neutral pH, it removes mining soils, greases and oils.
  • EFM Underground Waterline Conditioner
    EFM Underground Waterline Conditioner
    EFM Underground Waterline Conditioner is a highly concentrated compound of inhibitors to stop corrosion and prevent scale formation in underground mining waterlines.
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  • Chemical Formulation Design Services
    EFM can design specific cleaning chemicals for specific purposes for many industries including the mining industry. If you have a problem area, EFM can come up with a cleaning compound that suits you.
Letter of Quality Assurance
Please read our Letter of Quality Assurance in order to show you that EFM really care about the quality and performance of our products.

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