EFM H2S Eliminator® (Chemalert Approved – Code Green)
What is EFM H2S Eliminator®
A major world breakthrough in H2S gas reduction technology, EFM H2S Eliminator® is a trialed and proven product used to reduce H2S gas in coal mining environments. This product is a non-hazardous compound that can neutralise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas completely during the production of coal. This product is very cost effective and is totally safe.

About This Product
Geoff Hall, director of EFM Supplies, developed a unique product which is considered Code Green by ChemAlert called EFM H2S Eliminator®.

Graham Heilig from ADPS advised that EFM trial this product in coal mining production environments that required an elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas build up.

The trials of EFM H2S Eliminator® have come back with excellent figures and great results in removing H2S within coal production environments.

How to get EFM H2S Eliminator®
EFM H2S Eliminator® is available through Energy, Fuel and Mining Supplies (Geoff Hall)

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All EFM Products are ChemAlert approved.
What is Code Green?
The colour rating system is provided by ChemAlert to identify potential chemical hazards. A Green colour rating represents a LOW HAZARD with normal use. Our products registered in the railway industry registry have been coded GREEN and are safe to use within normal use.
Where to get EFM Products
If you would like more information about our products, they are available directly through EFM Supplies or via our supply partners below:
For more information contact:
Geoff Hall
EFM Supplies
Mobile: 0499 555 222
Email: geoff@miningchemicals.com.au
Graham Heilig
Australian Diesel Particulate
Services Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0408 957 366
Phone: (07) 4982 4919
Email: info@adps.com.au
XR3 Services
Contact: Matt White
Mobile: 0414 444 805
Phone: 1300 936 261
Email: info@XR3services.com
EFM promotes Safety within your workplace
EFM supplies can supply your workplace with a declaration of chemical compounds. PDS and MSDS data sheets are also available. EFM can also supply laminated Hazchem and Safety directional charts.
No Volume too Big or Small
We can provide our products in various pack sizes including: 20L, 200L, 1000L IBC and bulk tankers.
EFM H2S Eliminator is a registered trademark of Energy, Fuel & Mining Supplies (Trade Mark No. 1983347) Last Updated: 21 January 2020